Girl Tries Life Podcast

Trusting Your Gut in Work, Love and Play with Amanda Muse

March 19, 2020

This week I'm honoured to be joined by YouTuber, podcaster and epic momma bear, Amanda Muse. We talk about how Amanda got into YouTube, what it was like having and raising babies in Malaysia, what self-care has looked like at different stages of motherhood, building your own career, trusting your gut in all facets of your life and more. Amanda was open and vulnerable in sharing her experience of sexual assault and the tangible strategies she used to work through the trauma. I applaud her for her honesty and I know it will help so many listeners.

For the stress reduction resources noted in this episode go to:

Stress Less in 90 Days

Stress Less Mindfulness and Meditation

or email me victoria (at) stresslessladies (DOT) com for coaching. 

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